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Download instructions

1. Select a download link in the section below.

2. A new web page will open where you should select a download location ("mirror") that is nearest to your own geographical location. Doing so will help in getting a good download speed.
If you can't get the file from the selected download location, simply try another one.

3. Before you can use what you have downloaded, you must "unpack" the file into an empty folder (or create a new folder using Windows Explorer) on your hard drive using a ZIP tool like the free open source program 7zip ( or the shareware WinZip (

4. Read the files "readme" and "changes" to get informed about the latest changes for the program / documentation you have downloaded.

Download links

If you are not shure about what to download, the following 2 files are probably what you want: and

BolEdit - The Bolo Level Editor - Version 0.34

Use the Bolo Level Editor to create custom Bolo levels from scratch or to modify existing levels.

Download: - program files for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP:

This download already includes the latest version of the documentation.

pibConvert - PIB image file converter - Version 0.16

Use this tool to create custom backgrounds for your Bolo levels.

Download: - program files for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP:

Custom level files

Download: - 4 custom levels made by z42, including nice backgrounds

Hopefully I can add more cool custom levels made by other people soon. If you have created a level you like (even if you have just modified an original one), please send it to me via email or post it into the BolEdit forum so I can add it onto this website (credits will be given).

my eMail address: <boledit at gmx dot net> (remove "<" and ">" and whitespaces and replace "at" by "@" and "dot" by ".")

BolEdit HTML-Documentation


No need to download this if you already have downloaded the BolEdit program files.

Source code

You only want to download these files if you have an interest into programming.

Download: - Delphi source of BolEdit

Download: - Delphi/C++ source of pibConvert

The latest CVS version of the source code can be accessed via anonymous CVS (read only):

You can also browse the CVS repository with your web browser.

Learn more about using CVS for accessing the BolEdit source.