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Be prepared to see more custom levels coming in the future. Hopefully I can add some cool levels made by other people.
If you have made a level you like, even if you just modified an original one, don't be shy to mail it to me so I can add it onto this site. Credit's will be given...
my eMail address: <boledit at gmx dot net> (remove "<" and ">" and whitespaces and replace "at" by "@" and "dot" by ".")

Main window of BolEdit Ever seen a "killerdisk" connected to a ball?! ;-) "Orbiter" - kind of experiment with Bolo's physics engine
"Killers Follow Me" - looks simple, but tricky to play. Another killerdisk-connected-to-ball-game. "Where are the magnets?"
Hidden magnets under bumper stones make your live hard, especially when you can't reach the upper region of the screen.
Latest level I'm working on. Difficulty: periodically triggered magnets / opened holes.